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Application for inclusion
Time:2024-06-18 10:49:06

Our inclusion is completely free, and all novel website owners can contact us to submit a free inclusion application (priority inclusion without pop-up ads). As long as your website meets the following inclusion principles, you can contact us:
1. Do not include websites with reactionary, pornographic, gambling and other harmful content, or websites that provide links to harmful content, as well as websites whose names or content violate relevant national regulations
2. Do not include websites without practical content. If your website is under construction and does not have complete content, please do not log in now. You are welcome to log in again after the website construction is completed
3. Do not include websites that contain viruses, Trojans, pop-up plugins, or maliciously modify other people's computer settings, as well as websites with multiple pop-up advertisements
4. For websites affiliated with others (i.e. websites without their own separate domain name), this website will not be included
5. Not including websites that cannot be connected or browsed normally
6. This website reserves the right to decide on the inclusion and editing of relevant content in the website database of this website

If you believe that you meet the above requirements, please send us an email application in the following [email protected]

Website Name:
Website address:
Update list update interval:
Update List Page Address: (If your site has enabled caching, please provide a private update list page without caching)
Novel Information Page Address: (Any Book)
Novel Catalog Page Address: (Any Book)
Novel Chapter Page Address: (Any Book)

Please note that if your website has enabled anti collection measures, please provide us with a private address without anti collection and caching, and we will ensure that there will be no external leakage.